Coloquio Clima & Energías, 2011

¡Qué Hacemos?

KLN participa activamente en la construcción de un pensamiento global sobre la transición, para lo cual alienta una política de alianzas con organizaciones y personas interesadas en repensar la sociedad desde una perspectiva más humana y sostenible.

Nuestros programas están enfocados en promover espacios de diálogo y construcción de acciones climáticas de mitigación, adaptación y educación, entre el sector privado, las instituciones educativas y los gobiernos.

Contribuimos con el diseño de acciones climáticas en las empresas y en la Estrategia de descarbonización de la sociedad 2050 del Gobierno Nacional. Participamos como observadores en los encuentros de la acción climática global y en los de Actores no Estatales en el marco de las Conferencias de partes de la Convención marco de Cambio Climático.

En San José del Guaviare, mesa de adaptación al cambio climático, proyecto SKIP IC4 por KLN
Lima 2013, Taller ONU HABITAT Latinoamérica
Wendy López y Gustavo Wilches-Chaux en taller sobre Indicadores climáticos, Bogotá, 2011

KLN is a network type organization that aims to facilitate understanding of global climate change (CC) through educational activities, communication and by strengthening the local capacities of vulnerable communities. Its emphasis is on the examination and dissemination of the anthropogenic nature of the problem and of the needs for adaptation and gradual change in current models of production and consumption, with the goal of a society with decreased carbon emissions.

KLN’s work focuses on young people but it supplements these efforts through actions aimed at the entire society to promote the need for adaptation to climate change. KLN fosters participation by society in national and international discussions about climate change in order to influence the design of policies for protection and adaptation, as well as for modification of the current dynamic of agreements and commitments among countries associated with the United Nations Climate Change Framework Convention, the Kyoto Protocol and the study of alternatives for adaptation and mitigation in the post Kyoto period.

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KLN’s work responds to the urgent social and global need to educate future generations regarding more sustainable practices with the aim of generating a new model of production and consumption based on a new ethic of development. Our action is justified by insufficient opportunities for education, communication and citizen participation in dealing with adequate, organized and relevant information on CC.

The vast amount of information that is produced on a daily basis regarding the global aspects of CC complicates the search for data, which is why there is a need to facilitate a specialized search to aid policymakers and academics while updating knowledge and research.

Efforts by KLN facilitate adoption by the civil society of tools for management, participation and action so that, based on knowledge derived from the territory and the problems of climate change, it will be able to undergo a change of attitude while demanding its basic right to life and improving its natural environment along with its capacity for adaptation and resilience in response to the effects of this phenomenon

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